The Legend of the Firewalkers of Fiji

Many years ago on the island of Beqa there lived a famous storyteller known as DREDRE, who regularly entertained the members of the tribe with his stories. It was customary for the people to bring gifts to DREDRE in appreciation of his entertainment. On the occasion when asked what gift he would like, he requested each member of the tribe to bring him the first thing they could find while hunting the next day.

One of the Warriors called Tuinaiviqalita went fishing for eels in the mountain stream. The first thing he caught felt like an eel but when he pulled it out of the mud, it assumed a shape of a little man who spoke to Tui who recognized as a spirit God. Tui was very pleased and set off to present his gift to DREDRE the storyteller. But the spirit god begged for his life and offered all manner of gifts in exchange. This, Tui refused than the spirit God offered to give him power over fire. And to this day members of the Sawau Tribe are able to walk on very hot stones.

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