The pleasant verandah spot overlooks beautiful gardens and the establishment's highlight - the amazing pool. It has a giant tiki head with water spraying nostrils and a bench seat inside mouth (inside of which is a cold water spa). There is a swim up bar (the other side of the bar is a walk up one). Climbing inside the Tiki head is a fantastic corkscrew water slide. The entire pool is surrounded in sand with a volleyball court and tables and chairs under a sail's shade. Delicious bar snacks and meals are available. The bar does blast out some pretty good and up to date music.


Every conceivable thing a traveler could want is just a short stroll away. You can get good coffee and reasonably priced wine. There is a well-stocked supermarket. There are Internet and telephone services as well as a gym that is free for guests to use. There is a laundromat -- they will wash, dry and fold your clothes.

Tsulu has a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff are pretty nonchalant. Tsulu is a little eccentric but you cannot beat the at-hand facilities and it has the set-up potential for a really great party place.


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